Who’s in charge?


Have you been in a situation where things are not going the way you would like?   You try to be patient and understanding, but it’s something you are paying for and it’s not satisfactory.  Maybe it’s a something you don’t get to do very often and you have been looking forward to for a while.

Maybe you spoke up but the situation didn’t improve.  It’s disappointing when it doesn’t turn out how you had wished.  The memory of how it turned out may be enough to keep you from going back, even if you had many good experiences there before.

Have you been in a store and can’t find anybody to help you?  Maybe you do find someone but they aren’t helpful.  Have you been in a restaurant and your waiter disappears and you need something?  After a while you think, and may want to say, “Who’s in charge here?”.

The good news in a massage is that you are in charge.  Your massage is your time to get what you want.  Do you want extra time spent on your feet?  That’s fine.  Just let me know.  Does the thought of somebody touching your feet make you cringe?  That’s OK too.  I won’t touch them if you don’t want.

Massage is pretty simple process.  There are only so many things going on and you can make a choice about any of them.

Is the temperature too warm or too cold?  It’s hard to relax when it is.  Let me know and I’ll change it.  The temperature doesn’t matter to me at all.

Don’t like the music?  You can bring in your own music if you want.  Is it too loud or too quiet?  I can adjust the volume.

Do you want to leave some or all of your clothes on?  It’s your choice what you wear during your massage.  I’ll adjust what I do and won’t think anything about it.

Is the pressure too light or does if feel like your muscles are being ripped from your bones?  Or maybe you just want a little more or less pressure.  I try to use enough pressure to help but not so much that it hurts.  I don’t believe that massage should hurt.    You may have something you didn’t mention (you’ve been exercising more; you fell recently) that is tender when I touch it.  No matter the case, let me know if the pressure needs to change.  You won’t be insulting me.

Is there a technique that feels really great and you want more of it?  Let me know.  Is there something that you would rather not have?  Let me know that too.

The key point here is that you are in charge.  Let me know before we start what you would like and also speak up during the massage if you would like a change.

Massage therapists are not mind readers.  Well maybe some are but I certainly am not.  It’s hard enough keeping up with what’s going on in my own head.  I don’t need anybody else’s thoughts in there too.

Come on in and let me know what you need.  You can completely relax knowing that you are in charge.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at www.HudsonMassageTherapy.com


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