What does it mean to reset a muscle?

When you hear “Massage” you have a certain perception of what it is.  Let’s reconsider that idea about what massage can do for you.

Sometimes our electronic devices don’t work the way they should.  The response time slows down, the printer won’t print, you get annoying lags, and sometimes they just freeze and won’t do anything.  Usually when that happens we power down and restart the device, and voila, it works good again.  All of the miscommunication and clutter in the system has been wiped away and it works the way it should.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do that with your body?

The good news is now you can.

At Main Street Massage I use an extraordinary system called Neural Reset Therapy.  It’s an interactive kind of massage that communicates with your brain and nervous system to tell your muscles to go back to normal.

Your muscles don’t just feel better – they are back to normal, the way they should be.  Once they are back to normal they stay that way until you do something to them again. People have much longer lasting results than from a standard massage.

Think about it this way – your muscles move because your brain and nervous system tell them to.  You don’t consciously direct each muscle in sequence to act.  If you had to do that it would take all day to get out of bed!  It makes sense to use your brain and nervous system to let your muscles relax.

This work addresses issues that some people have about getting a massage:

  • It’s done with clothes on.
  • It’s pain free to do.
  • It works fast.  You’ll get results on your first visit.
  • You’ll get longer lasting results than a standard massage.  The goal is to remove at least 80% of your pain, and often all of the pain is gone.

Also, it’s completely natural.  There are no drugs or other substances, no needles, no stretching, and no painful deep pressure.

You can feel great from head to toe by having all the major muscles in your body reset.

It’s great for relieving pain from daily activities and improving your performance in sports or other activities.  It also can relieve long term pain that you’ve had for years, even when you’ve tried everything you can think of.

After resetting your muscles there is usually time for some regular massage to allow you to leave your stress behind and become completely relaxed.

This gentle work can help everybody from a small child to the elderly.  I want you to be able to do what you want in life without pain stopping you.

Come in and find out how much better you can feel.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at www.HudsonMassageTherapy.com

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