What do customers say?

What makes your massage with Barry at Main Street Massage so great?  This is what customers have said…

Trish said:

“Great work as always…still awed by how much relief I received through massage”

Allison said:

“I’ve had the benefit of receiving massages from Barry on multiple occasions since moving to Kent to enroll in the University’s Doctoral studies.

Not only is Barry a very talented therapist but his professional manner and reasonable pricing makes the benefits of massage available to a wide range of individuals. Main Street Massage offers a calming environment where clients find it easy to relax and concentrate on the benefits a properly administered massage offers.

This February, as the result of a fall, I had to undergo a partial hip replacement that left me bed-ridden for three months. Receiving a massage from Barry alleviated the discomfort of physical therapy and assisted greatly in my recovery process. He was careful to work with me to ensure that I received all benefits of a massage without agitating any of the titanium rods, screws, and plates that had been inserted into my leg– no easy task!

I’ve had the luxury of receiving a variety of spa treatments from destinations across the United States as well as the UK and can say with certainty that Main Street Massage is one of the most professional, therapeutically beneficial, and all-around excellent places to receive a massage.”

Sarah said:

Massage helps ease my stress and neck pain from work. My posture is also better after a massage.

When I hurt my back at work massage helped take away my pain.  It helped me to get back to my life faster.”

Jenni said:

“Barry is a kind and caring professional who has a focus on the client.  He takes the time to understand his client’s therapy needs and introduces treatments that will help reduce pain, relieve stress and promote healthy living.  He is service-oriented and proactively works with his clients to ensure their health is a priority in their lives.  He delivers a relaxing experience that’s focused on you.  I highly recommend visiting Barry and Main Street Massage Therapy!”

Anna said:

“You are genuine. You make the massage experience completely appropriate, yet intimate and safe. Your touch is mindful and the amount you care about your client transmits.”

Elizabeth said:

“Barry will talk with you prior to your session to find out where to focus and he will check to make sure that he is using the right pressure (relaxation to deep tissue). I highly recommend Barry.”

Mary said:

“Barry is extremely professional and a true expert in his field. I would highly recommend Barry and Main Street Massage to friends and family!”

Grace said:

“I have been going for massages for as long as I can remember. I have lived with rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus and chronic pain for over half of my life. I’ve been to all the big names spas as well many privately owned massage therapists. No one can hold a candle to my experience with Barry at Main Street Massage in downtown Hudson. I enjoy a massage therapist who is personable and genuine but also knows when to shut up (for lack of better words) when it is time to be silent and let their hands do the talking.

I’ve been massaged around 50 times in the last 3 years. I am on disability so I’m always buying groupons and living social deals to help with the expense. Barry has ruined any other massage experience for me though. You shouldn’t be laying, relaxing and enjoying a massage while thinking “man my massage from Barry at Main Street Massage was so much better then this”.  I didn’t originally know how I would feel about a massage from a man (since the majority of mine were all done by women) but he was so professional and it wasn’t the least bit weird. Plus he has strong, smart hands that know what they are doing and are able to apply that extra pressure that I like when getting a massage.

Another thing I enjoyed about my experience at Main Street Massage was that I never felt rushed. At some places you hear a timer go off or you can start to tell when your 30 or 60 minute massage is coming to an end. Barry worked for a full 60 minutes. When I first went into the room and we were talking about what my aches and pains were and what I was hoping to get out of the massage, that didn’t take up any of my massage time and some places it will. He wanted to know about me and my medical history and why I was there to see him. It is just an all around amazing massage experience. I would never and will never suggest another place for a massage to anyone who asks. Two of my other friends have gone to him as well. They are both “massage enthusiasts” and they will agree that Barry from Main Street Massage can’t be beat.”

Jennifer said:

“I have been a client of Barry’s for over a year. He is an excellent massage therapist! He has helped me immensely each time I’ve seen him. His prices are competitive and his hours are flexible. I would recommend Barry to anyone!”

What will you have to say after your massage?  I’m looking forward to hearing from you too!

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