There once was a woman who tripped over a shoe 2

There once was a woman who tripped over a shoe.

It caused her pain so she had to decide what to do.

Her feet were now sore

no matter what she wore.

It changed how she walked

and due to her pain how she talked.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

She would frequently grouch.

I want to do more

than just sit on my couch!

The pain moved up to her knee.

She was losing her glee.

The pain moved to her hip.

She was clinging onto her grip.

Her balance had changed.

She didn’t want to look deranged.

She even walked with a lurch

on her way into church.

It’s amazing” she thought of how everything’s connected.

I hurt my foot and so much more is affected”.

Gradually her back

started to feel out of whack.

That’s enough of this pain!” she did exclaim.

It’s time for my life to reclaim!

But what to do?  Oh, I know!

To a massage I should go“.

She began her searching

Which was much better than her lurching.

Here’s a place with great reviews

Is it the one I should choose?

Now I’ll check out their web site

to see if this place is all right“.

The web site looks thorough

she said as her brow lost it’s furrow.

The answers to my questions have been found.

The information is clear and sound“.

Now an appointment I’ll make.

That was easy – a real piece of cake“.

Now today is the day

for my pain to go away!

The massage was simply great

as I’m sure you can relate.

The massage is now done

so she can get back to her fun.

Now others wonder and cluck

that she must be a real lucky duck.

She replied “It wasn’t luck – I had to act

and my friends that is a fact.”

The others responded “We want to feel better too!

Please tell us what we should do.”

She said “Grab your phone.  Now don’t be shy.

With a smile she adds “I know just the guy“.


* For Allissa and Kelli – little did you know what you started when you pushed me down this hill.   Thanks.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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2 thoughts on “There once was a woman who tripped over a shoe

  • Nguyet Howard

    Love your new blog poem. Excellent and fun. Thank you for sharing. I heard the most recent interview between you and Allisa Haines about your consumer friendly website. I like how you try to not over think about the topics you blog about. That over thinking , the mind set of feeling like I have to be an expert before I talk about massage related topic has always stopped me from writing.

    Thank you

    • hudsonmassage Post author

      Thanks for reading and listening too (the podcast is from Massage Business Blueprint). I like to have fun with most of what I do so I carry that into the web site and blog.