We all have things that we rely on others to do for us.  Some may be things that we can’t do for ourselves and others are things that we could do but we are willing to pay for the skill, knowledge, and expertise of another.  They can do a better job and get it done much faster than if we did it all ourselves.  We even rely on people that we don’t know – strangers – for very important matters.

Let’s consider a few examples.

“I needed a hair cut so I let some stranger cut it.”

“I had a problem with my car so I let some stranger work on it.”

“I took my money to the bank and handed it over to a stranger.”

“I had an important legal issue so I talked to a stranger about it and followed their advice.”

“I wasn’t feeling well so I went to see a stranger.  They examined me and told me what to do.  They gave me a prescription which I took to a stranger at a pharmacy.  They gave me a bottle of pills that were made by strangers in a company and approved by a group of strangers in the government.”

“I was hungry so I went to a restaurant.  A stranger prepared some food for me, which had been grown and processed by other strangers.”

“I was in a dangerous situation so I called for a stranger with a gun to come and help.”

Hold on!” you say.  “I can’t know everybody who has an impact on me.”

“Well”, I say, “why do you trust these strangers with such important things like your money, legal issues, your food and health?”

Because,” you say, “they are professionals, have training, and are qualified.  Their reputation and business depends on them treating me properly.


One objection to massage I hear is that people are hesitant in trusting a stranger to touch them.  We have just seen though that you let other strangers touch you.  Massage Therapists don’t have as much training as doctors or some other medical professionals, but we there are educational requirements to allow us to be licensed.

Wait,” you say.  “Some massage businesses and individuals do more than just massage.

That’s true.  But like any industry just because one person does it doesn’t mean everybody does.  Please,  if you know or suspect that is happening turn them in.  Make a call or send a message to the police or the state licensing board.  My fellow legitimate massage therapists and I want those places and people shut down.  They hurt my business and keep people who need a real massage away.

Of course massage is not the only industry with people who break the law.  The news is filled with businesses who try to take advantage of people.  Highly trained people such as lawyers and doctors get caught in scandals.  Companies such as banks, food producers, and pharmaceutical companies have been caught performing illegal or unethical practices.

If you want a massage, what can you do?  The same things you do with anything else important to you.  Get recommendations from friends.  Do some research online about the person or business.  Ask questions by calling or emailing.  I am happy to answer questions so you can feel comfortable when you come in.

I believe in massage and in the many benefits it provides and I want to help you.  I work hard at being somebody you can trust.   Let’s talk, or make an appointment, so I won’t be a stranger any more.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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