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sleep koalaSome people drift off to sleep during their massage.  It is understandable if you do go to sleep.  You are warm and comfortable, in a room with the lights low, gentle music is playing, your stress is leaving, and your muscles are being taken care of.  Since you don’t have to do anything during this time, you can let your mind tune out.  You may be tired from a long day at work or from many things in your busy life.

Some mention it after the massage is over.  They ask if that is all right, and some apologize for it.

Of course it is all right to go to sleep during your massage.  It is a great compliment actually.  You feel so safe and comfortable that you can let yourself get the rest your body and mind need.  If you don’t sleep, that’s fine too.   It’s not a contest.  You shouldn’t feel like you are supposed to sleep or stay awake.  I have yet to fall asleep while getting a massage but that is because I’m thinking of what they are doing and if I can learn something to make my massages better.

However, I have heard of some things that other massage therapists do when a person goes to sleep.  I of course have never done any of these things, but here are some things to be aware of.

– Enhancing  your make up with glitter.

– Sticking a googly eye on your forehead so when you get up you think you are a tri-clops.

– Painting their business phone number on your fingernails with nail polish so you have it to make your next appointment.

– Playing connect the dots using your moles or freckles.

– Giving you a nice Sharpie tattoo.

– Scheduling your next appointment on your phone for you.

– Sending a text to all your contacts and post to all your social media sites what a great massage you are getting.

– Attaching a Duck Dynasty style beard, then telling them that they have slept for years.

Why take a chance with another massage therapist?  Come in, make yourself comfortable, and take a nap if you want.  You are safe with me.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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