Steamy Wonder Massage

Get warmed up with the Steamy Wonder and enjoy a massage too!

What’s a Steamy Wonder and how does it work?

Basically it is a steam tent that fits over the massage table.  The steam treatment is done first, which allows you to quickly relax and your muscles to loosen up.  Then you get your massage as normal.

Let’s walk through what will happen so you know what to expect.

You will start face down, beneath a sheet.  Since the steam produces moisture, I recommend either taking everything off or wearing something such as a swim suit since leaving with wet underwear won’t be the most comfortable feeling.  You will be covered the entire time, so don’t worry about being exposed.  As you can see in the photo below, the tent material is not see through.

I will come in when you are ready and you are under the sheet and a towel.  I’ll attach the tent on the table.  After it is on, I will remove the top sheet through a small gap at the side (you will not be exposed).  This is so you are not covered by a wet sheet during the steam part.  There will be a towel on the table so you can cover your backside if you want.

I’ll be in the room with you during the steam time.  I’ll check on how the temperature feels for you and adjust it.  I have some cool packs I can put on the back of your neck and head, and will give you a scalp massage while you are enjoying the steam.

The steam part will be about 15 minutes.  As in any massage, you are in control.  If you try the steam but don’t like it, let me know and I will stop it and move on to your regular massage.

When the steam time is over, you can cover yourself with the towel and I will remove the tent.  I will wipe the moisture off of you with a cool cloth and cover you again with the sheet.  The bottom sheet is made of material that helps absorb moisture.  It works well and keeps you dry during your massage.














The steam helps your muscles to let go and unwind.  People using it have remarked that they felt the benefits of the massage longer.  It’s similar to how you feel better after a hot shower or time in a hot tub.

Since your muscles are not so tight and are pliable again, the massage is more effective.  The massage time will be slightly less since your muscles don’t need as much work.  You won’t be shortchanged though.  An extra 10 minutes will be added to your appointment so you can plan accordingly.

A big feature is that your head is outside of the heat.  Many people like steam and saunas, but they don’t like the feeling of their head getting hot.  With your head out of the tent, your body can enjoy the results from the steam.

People who have tried it have said:
“I really liked the warmth.  It was like I was relaxing out in the sun.”
“The heat helped me to relax immediately.  It usually takes me a few minutes to relax.”
“I really liked it.  My muscles felt so much looser.”
“I loved the heat.  The steam helped me feel so much better.”

However, it is not for you if you are pregnant, have blood pressure problems or heart problems or another serious medical condition, or just dislike heat.  Consult your physician if you have a serious health condition before using this.

If you want to include it in your appointment, let me know in advance.  I will need to do some additional set up so everything will be ready for you when you arrive.

It’s not just for cold weather.  You will cool down back to normal before you leave.  You can go about your day afterwards without feeling like you have to go home for a shower.

Ready to try it? I think you’re going to really like it.