Services and Rates

Massage is an investment in your health.

This is not your typical massage.  It’s more interactive than most standard massages, and you can experience longer lasting results.  I’ll start with some Neural Reset Therapy® techniques to quickly relieve pain and loosen your muscles back to normal.  It’s fast, pain free, and is done fully clothed.  It’s effective on pain from daily activities and even on long term pain.

Following that I will also do some regular massage for even more relaxation and stress relief.

Each massage is customized to your needs of the day, and we will spend the amount of time you want, with the pressure you want, on each area of need.

When we’re done your muscles will be much looser and limber, your stress level will be lower, and you can feel deeply relaxed.

  • 30 Minute massage … $40        (sales tax is included in all prices)
  • 45 Minute massage … $60
  • 60 Minute massage … $75       
  • 90 Minute massage … $110      

I accept cash, checks, and major credit/debit cards (Visa, Discover, MasterCard). 

In 30 or 45 minutes you can have your upper body or lower body muscles reset and some regular massage.  It’s relaxing and stress relieving also.  This does not provide enough time for a full overall massage.

The most popular choice is a 60 minute session.  You can get all your muscles reset along with some regular massage.  It offers relief from your stress and allows sufficient time to work on problem areas, letting you completely relax.

A 90 minute session provides time to reset all your muscles and address problem areas thoroughly.  There will be plenty of time for an overall massage to have you feeling great.

Learn more about how long of a massage to schedule here.

A typical massage includes resetting muscles back to normal, then massage on your head, neck, back, arms, and legs.  I have worked hard to become a professional licensed therapist, and that involves high ethical standards.  So I won’t be working on any private areas and anywhere that you would prefer not to be touched.

Signature Massage – designed for for pain relief and ultimate relaxation.  It provides muscle pain relief and a tranquil escape from the fast pace of our daily lives.  It allows the mind to enter a state of rest.  It rids the body of stress and strain, leaving it rejuvenated.

With Neural Reset Therapy even painful areas in deeper tissues can be helped without causing you pain.  A misconception is that deep tissue means a lot of pain; I will work to avoid you having pain during the session and the following day.

Prenatal Massage is a lighter, gentler massage for the mom-to-be.  It is a healthy way to reduce stress, which is good for both mom and baby.  If your pregnancy is high-risk, please consult your doctor before your session.

Chair Massage is available for your company or event.  It’s a lower priced option to help a lot of people in a short amount of time.  It’s convenient, as I come to your location.  It’s great for helping the neck and shoulder area, which is the most often reported problem I hear.

Gift certificates – Purchase a gift certificate here, or contact me and we will get a gift certificate to you or sent to the recipient. 

Tipping is not necessary.  I’d rather see you use that money for more massage sessions, and I don’t want you to feel like you can’t come back unless you give the same tip as before.  Let’s keep it simple and not add any more stress to this – that’s what we’re trying to get rid of!

Use the button below to schedule your appointment online now.  I sometimes have same day or short notice availability that is not shown in the online schedule, so give me a call for those.