Save money with massage

Have you ever considered that massage can save you money?

Some people hesitate to get one or put it off until their pain is bad before coming in.

Yes, you can get a family member or friend to give you a neck or back rub to try to help you feel better.  I’ll guess that is not terribly effective for you, and even though it’s free, there is some kind of price involved.

I also imagine when you need some important work or repair done you are willing to pay a qualified professional to do it.  A lot of people could work on your plumbing or give you financial or legal advice, but what do you do when there is a significant issue?

How can massage save you money?

By taking care of yourself, you may be able to avoid a visit to the doctor.  The doctor could schedule follow up appointments, prescribe a prescription or order some tests (if you give a mouse a cookie,…).  You will probably have co-pays at each, and you will also spend time setting up appointments and waiting.

I’m not against doctors, and massage can’t fix everything, so see your doctor if needed.  I’m discussing situations that can be prevented by taking care of yourself.

People also spend money on pain relievers, sleep aids, and various supplies, equipment and devices to help them manage their pain or stress.  These things often address the symptoms, and not the problem itself.

All of this has been concerning financial implications.  This leads to some other, better questions:

How much is it worth to feel really good?

How much is it worth to get a great night’s sleep?

These are worthy of more attention so I’ll deal with them more in future posts.

To sum it up, massage can help you relieve pain and feel wonderful, could save you money and time, and won’t involve taking any pills or getting shots.

If you haven’t tried it, or it’s been a while, get started now.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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