This page is to share links to information, articles, studies, and blogs about massage, health, your body, and some self-care  motivation and inspiration.

There’s so much to learn and know!  I love to learn and understand better how bodies work.  I hope you can find answers and information to help you feel good and stay that way.

Your body and health

Lactic acid is a fuel for your muscles.  It’s not a leftover waste product that you need to get rid of.  Find out more here.

Foam rolling doesn’t help your IT band.  The muscles in your hips and glutes need to be released.  When they are, your IT band relaxes too.

This study shows that for cardiovascular disease “Stress could be as important a risk factor as smoking and high blood pressure.”

You can’t stretch your muscles – here’s why, with a better way to loosen them up with an explanation of how your muscles and nervous system communicate to achieve more muscle length.


Pain and stress are related.  Massage can help with both.  My friend Allissa explains here.

A study of nurses getting 15 minute massages showed “The results of this study suggest that massage therapy is a beneficial tool for the health of nurses as it may reduce psychological stress levels.”

Massage doesn’t remove toxins from your body.  My friend Jenn deals with that here.

A great massage means getting what you want.  That means you are allowed – encouraged – to speak up.  My friend Jenn talks about how her 7 year old lets her know what to do here.



Do you want to worry less?  Try this no worry challenge from my friend Paola.  With some practice you can worry less.

Most people don’t like to be around complainers.  Complaining can lead you into more anxiety and stress.  Looking for something good in a situation can make you a more positive person.  Read this to find out what happened when one person decided to stop complaining for a month.




Much more to come!