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I have answered common questions that people ask a lot on my web site and in blog posts on those subjects.  Most are about massage, what to expect, how I operate and other things related to massage.

There are some other questions that are occasionally asked so I thought I would answer them here.

What music do you listen to at home?

After listening to massage music all day do I listen to hard rock at home?  During massages I have my music on on ipod.  This lets me take out individual pieces that I don’t care for.  I play it on shuffle so I never know what is coming next.  I have over 400 songs so I don’t hear the same ones a lot.

Actually I don’t listen to a lot of music at home.  I like music but I listen to a lot of books and podcasts.  I have found some great podcasts about business, marketing, massage and other things that catch my attention.  I find a lot of things interesting so I listen to podcasts and books that help me learn and understand topics better.  I love to read but running a business takes a lot of time and listening to books helps me keep up.

Don’t your hands get tired?

Usually no.  If they do it means I am doing something wrong (using too much pressure with my thumb maybe) or I am working more than usual.

In massage school and with practice I learned techniques that use other parts of my hands and arms.  Body positioning is important.  I can use my body weight and lean into a move instead of relying on just hand and arm strength.  I use my knuckles, palms, fists, forearms, and elbows at times to do what I need.  It’s not just a squeezing motion with my hand.

I also will use bamboo pieces or stones if I need more pressure.  I am using a lot of Neural Reset Therapy which is much easier on me and produces great results.

How can you tell where something hurts when I haven’t told you yet?

I observe how you move when you come in and when we are talking before the massage starts.  I pay attention to what you say when we are discussing how you are feeling.  With my study of anatomy and muscles I know how your muscles are supposed to function.  I have an idea of what the problem may be before we start.

Having done massage for years I notice when something feels different.  I know how it is supposed to feel, so when it doesn’t it gets my attention.  I’ll bring it up to you to verify that is an area that needs some work.  And to impress you.

Can you come home with me?

Sadly no.  Although I like helping you feel better there are other people who need my help too, and they would miss me.  You would get tired of me asking for fresh chocolate chip cookies all the time too.

Instead you can come back and see me more often so you can keep feeling great.  Feel free to bring cookies.  I’ll even share them with you.

What other questions do you have?  Add them in the comments and I’ll answer them here or a new blog post.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at


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