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sleepWhen you think of things that cause you pain, pillows don’t usually come to mind.  They are usually light and soft, and we look forward to finding ours each night.

How could such an innocent item be a cause of pain?  Pillows flatten out and their shape changes with use over time.  How long have you had your current pillow?  That pillow that was so nice when it was new has put in its time and may need to be retired if it is not as fluffy or firm as it once was.

Is your pillow causing you pain?  Neck and shoulder pain is the most common complaint that I hear from people coming in for a massage with me.  I like to ask questions to understand what has caused the pain.  Of course stress and posture are big factors with many people.  People also say they slept funny or they woke up with more pain than they had the night before.  If your neck didn’t hurt when you went to bed but is does in the morning, something about how you sleep may be causing it.

Typically people don’t think much about their pillow and bed.  We have enough other things to occupy our attention.  Even if everything isn’t perfect, it is nice to crawl into bed after a long day.  We do notice differences when traveling and sleeping in a new place.  Usually we look forward to getting back into our own bed.

We like our rest and a good night’s sleep. We should feel better, not worse, in the morning.  While you are checking things out, examine your mattress also.

Pillows don’t cost a lot, so it is not a big expense to try a new one.  If a few dollars can prevent you from waking up with pain, it is money well spent.  Mattresses and beds are of course more expensive, so be sure to do your research and get one that you will be happy with.

You have enough other things that cause you pain.  If a pillow is a problem, replace it.  It may be hard to let go of the old one, but you will learn to love your new one too.

And no, I don’t sell or have stock in pillow and mattress companies.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at www.HudsonMassageTherapy.com

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