On loving my job 14

I love my job as a massage therapist.  This is meaningful to me because I’ve had other jobs that I’ve been good at, but haven’t loved.

I love getting ready to go to my office.  I know that you are looking forward to your massage it and I want to make sure everything is ready when you arrive.

I love driving through town, seeing people walking their dogs, running, walking, and going about their activities.

I love getting everything ready.  Putting on new clean sheets, setting the temperature to a comfortable setting, and turning the music on.  OK, I don’t love lugging the sheets back and forth to wash them, but lots of sheets to wash means lots of happy people.

I love talking with you before we start.  Hearing what’s been going on with you and mostly how I can help you today, and thinking of what I’ll need to do during the appointment.   I really love hearing success stories – how your massage has helped you in pain relief, stress management, and getting you back to doing the activities you want to do.

I love witnessing the change in you.  Shallow breathing that becomes deep.  Muscles responding to the techniques and relaxing back to their natural state.  Stress that realizes it is defeated and seems to evaporate from your body.  I love to see you let go and just experience the moment.

I love that many of you are willing to let me work on new techniques and experiment a bit with you.  I’m always trying to make your experience even better, and that takes some work.  I love that you are forgiving when these learning times do not always go as smoothly as I intended.

I love getting your input on everything.  I want your massage to be great, so I want the temperature and the pressure the way you prefer.  I want to make sure the problem that you came in with is dealt with.  I love to hear that you are referring your friends and family to me since it has helped you so much.

I love how you don’t want it to be over because you are so relaxed and everything feels so good.

I love how when you are leaving, you are already looking forward to your next appointment.  I’m looking forward to it too.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at www.HudsonMassageTherapy.com

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