Need something written?

Do you need content for your web site, blog, email, or anything else?

Almost all of the content on this site is my own work including all of the pages and well over 100 blog posts.

I can write new content for you, or customize one of my blog posts to fit your needs. Some people do not care for writing and others lack the time. If this is you I can help.

My content here is directed to current or prospective clients. There are several common questions people have about massage so I’ve addressed them. Similarly there are typical objections that make people reluctant to get a massage and I have provided information to remove those obstacles.

I have been able to stay in business for ten years so it has been effective. I receive good feedback from new clients about my site and they come in more relaxed. They know some about me, what to expect, and have confidence that I know what I’m doing.

I’ve written content for other massage therapists for their web sites, blogs, and email marketing.

I’ve also written two articles for Massage and Bodywork, a national massage industry magazine. How to keep your joy for massage deals with maintaining or boosting your enthusiasm for your career.  Answering common massage objections addresses the most prevalent questions or issues that people have about getting a massage.

I learned to be very clear and to avoid lingo in my previous career as a computer programmer. An impressive vocabulary of big words is useless if the message is not understood. I try to keep my work short and to the point.

Most of my writing has been concentrated on massage, health, small business, and marketing. I read a lot and am interested in a many things so I’m not limited to just these topics.

Contact me and we’ll talk about how to help you out.