Muscles and garage door openers

Why do your muscles move? Because your brain and nervous system tell them to.

I’m talking about muscles that move your bones, not internal muscles like your heart.

For example, you decide to raise your arm. Your brain tells your nervous system and it fires off instructions to the muscles. The muscles follow the orders they received and your arm raises. You don’t give conscious commands to each muscle to move. If you did, even the simplest tasks would take all day!

Since your brain and nervous system get your muscles to move it makes sense then to use them to get muscles to relax and go back to normal. Your brain and nervous system tell the muscles how tight or loose they should be. If you tighten your muscles and don’t do anything to change them they will stay in the same condition.

Consider how a garage door opener works.

You pull in the driveway and the door is down. You press the button and the door goes up, and you can go in without getting in the rain, snow, or wind, or having a bird land on your head.

But what happened?

  • Pressing the remote button sends a signal to the main control unit.
  • It knows the current status – the door is down.
  • It interprets the signal it received – that the door should go from down to up.
  • It recognizes that as a valid signal so it sends the commands to the machinery to open the door.
  • The machinery obeys those commands by opening the door, and you can pull in and go on inside on your merry way.

I use a kind of massage – Neural Reset Therapy® – that works using that concept.

  • You will move a muscle a certain way and I will provide some stimulus to the muscle.
  • That stimulus travels through your nervous system to the main control unit – your brain.
  • It knows the current status – the amount of tension in your muscles.
  • It interprets the signal and recognize it as valid.
  • It then commands the machinery – your muscles – through your nervous system to relax and go back to normal.
  • Your muscles obey the command and are reset back to their normal state.

Garage doors respond immediately to the input given. So will your muscles with Neural Reset Therapy.

Your muscles respond and go back to normal in seconds. Yes, seconds. It’s completely pain free and is done with clothes on.

Once your muscles are normal, they stay normal until you do something to them again, just like your garage door stays how you left it until you give it a new command.

If you are tired of tight muscles and living in pain, come in and find out how much better you can feel. How long has it been since your muscles felt like normal? You can feel great in one appointment.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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