Massage is like having a personal chef 4

A good massage is like having a meal prepared for you by a professional chef.

If you don’t have a personal chef today, then imagine what it would be like.  Let’s give your cook a chef-like name, like Pierre, or Bubba.  He is professional, highly skilled, and it makes him happy to see you enjoying his cooking.

First, Pierre would talk to you about what you want.  He would get what he needs and make the preparations and work to have the meal ready for when you want to eat.  You are ordering just for yourself today, so you don’t need to be concerned with what your friends or family want.

Pierre will cook it and season it how you want.  He is not cooking for himself – he is cooking for you, so what you want is what matters.  You can order a steak rare or well done, and that is what you will get.

Let’s say Pierre has some specialties.  He makes outstanding crepes.  What if you want an omelet instead of crepes?  Then that’s what he will make.  He has the capability to make an entire gourmet meal, but if you want something simple, he can do that too.

Pierre won’t do anything to harm you.  If you ask for something dangerous to you, he may warn you or refuse for your safety.  Since he is a trained professional, he may have more knowledge about food than you.  He may offer suggestions of something that you hadn’t heard of before that you may enjoy.  You can try it if you want, but it’s your decision.

Pierre won’t blab on and on about his problems, or ask you a lot of questions.  He will be happy to talk to you if you wish, but if you just want to relax for a while as he works, that’s fine.  You are not here to entertain him.

You can relax free of guilt while he prepares it.  Pierre is an experienced and skilled professional, so everything is great and you can leisurely enjoy the experience of eating.  It brings him satisfaction to know that he has done a good job and provided what you needed.  Finally, when you are done, he will do all of the clean up.

A good massage therapist approaches your appointment the same way.  I am here for you to give you what you want today.  I will be ready for you when you come in.  I’ll adjust the temperature to how you like it, and I will use the amount of pressure you want.  I want to know how to give you what you need today, so communication is important both before we start and during the massage.

You are getting a massage for a reason – and it’s not to make me happy.  It’s all about you.  I’ll spend more time on a problem area if you want and adjust your massage each time according to what you need.

I’ll keep your safety in mind.  There are a few conditions that massage can make worse, so as we talk I will advise you of that.  I also have experience with working with a lot of bodies, so I may notice something and offer a suggestion to help you with the pain you have.

This is what I do and I love it.  I want you to walk out thinking what a great massage you had and look forward to coming back again.  It’s your time to just relax and be taken care of, so there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

Are you ready to order?  Think about what you want, then give me a call.  You don’t have to do anything to prepare, and I’ll take care of the clean up afterwards.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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