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Some people hesitate to get a massage since it’s not covered by insurance.

Have no fear; Main Street Massage has a solution for you.

I am happy to announce a new massage insurance policy.  In the event of stress or muscle pain, you are eligible for a massage.  The claims department will provide an immediate review and approve your claim if you are qualified.  There’s nothing to mail and no paperwork except the initial application.

Your rates will vary depending on how many massages you need and the length of the appointments.  You can conveniently pay your policy premium when you come in for your appointment.  No hassle billing!

There are also no deductibles or co-pays.  But if you prefer a free premium, your co-pay or deductible can be set up to cover the appointment cost.  After your co-pay, your massage can be free!

Not everything you do for your health is covered by insurance.  Vitamins and pain relievers are among the items commonly used but not usually covered.  Does that stop you from using them?  Do you keep bleeding because a bandage is not paid for by your insurance?  Do you sneeze your fool head off if allergy pills are not covered?

There’s no fine print.  I don’t like fine print.  I usually have a hard time reading it.

Main Street Massage is pleased to provide solutions to allow you to get the massages you need.  Come in and apply and let’s get started right away.

*Offer void in places where it could get me into trouble.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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