Massage and treading carefully

Your body has muscles everywhere to allow the tremendous capacity for movement we enjoy.  Some are near the surface and are obvious while others are deeper and less well known.

Regardless of their location, muscles get sore, strained, and overworked.  This includes muscles close to, well, intimate areas.  Let me be clear about this important point – it is both unethical and illegal for a massage therapist to touch or massage what Ohio defines as “the sexual or genital area of any other person”.  I’m talking about muscles outside of those areas.

Muscles in the hip, inner thigh, and glutes can cause you discomfort just as much as calf or arm muscles.

Let’s say you flippantly frolicked in a fantastic fragrant flower filled field Friday.  In your exuberance, you used a muscle (frolickis exuberancium) more than usual and now it is sore.

Now, what to do when you come in for your appointment on Saturday?

It’s simple.  When I ask what needs worked on, tell me what is sore and how it feels.  Some people may feel a bit awkward because we don’t talk about muscles in those regions much and we don’t get touched there much either.  You don’t want to give the wrong idea of what you want.  As a professional I understand that and am only interested in relieving your pain and letting you get back to your adventures.

I will assume that what you are telling me is a legitimate issue because I know muscle locations.  Sometimes I have some discomfort in a hip and it feels better when it gets the work it needs.  Unless you give me a reason not to take you seriously, such as dressing provocatively or acting or speaking suggestively, I will proceed as usual.  If you are looking for something beyond a professional massage session, I will politely tell you that you are in the wrong place and let you go on your way.

I will be careful in what I do and communicate with you about what I will be doing so you know what to expect and to prevent any misunderstandings.  You will of course be draped the whole time, and I can adjust the covering so you can hold it securely.   Some work can also be done well through the draping sheet.

If you haven’t mentioned anything but I feel something that I believe may need some work, I will tell you what I feel and ask you about it.  I will only proceed with your permission.

There are boundaries to protect both of us.  As long as we both understand and observe them, the muscles in your hips, upper legs, and glutes can be worked on effectively if needed.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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