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beach walk


I like to go on vacations at the beach.  I enjoy looking for shells.  I bring home some of my favorites to remind me of the time there.  I like watching the crabs peeking around, skittering away when we get close, and rapidly disappearing again as if they were never there.  I love to watch the pelicans gracefully glide along and occasionally dive in after a fish.  The sound of the waves coming in is relaxing.

I like feeling the sand between my toes, the smell of the salty air, and the walking along in the warm water.  I like the refreshing breeze and the warm sun (for a while – I have to be careful with my fair skin).  I can get away for a while from the thoughts that go tumbling through my head.  I allow myself to experience all of the physical sensations there.

You leave footprints behind while walking at the beach.  I sometimes draw or write things in the sand with a stick or a shell.  You can build a sand castle,  dig a hole, or create a path for the water to flow through.

When you come back the next day though all of what you did in the sand is gone.  The tide, wind, or rain erases what you left in the sand.  It reminds me of a piece of advice I found in a book.  One character told another to go to the beach and write his problems in the sand.  He did and later they were washed away.  It made him realize that some of his problems were temporary and would be worked out.

Not all problems get washed away – but some become easier to let go of or deal with.  Some become smaller after a while in the same way that a big sand castle gradually shrinks.

I don’t do massage at a beach but there are some similarities.  You can go there feeling very stressed but leave feeling much better.  You can allow your mind to rest and experience the physical part of you.  The massage strokes can feel like the tide washing away the tension from you.  Just as you can walk on the beach without talking, you can relax in your massage without having to maintain a conversation.

If you can’t arrange a beach vacation right away, give me a call.  I have some shells in my office you can take a look at.  You can be warm and relaxed and leave your problems behind.  All of this and no sand in your car!

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