Massage and Spaghetti 2

spaghettiWhat kind of spaghetti are you?  Since I’m not a chef let’s keep it simple and think only about cooked and uncooked spaghetti.

Uncooked spaghetti is stiff, rigid, and unyielding.  It has very little flexibility.  It bends a little but it quickly snaps with just a little pressure.  That’s fine for spaghetti but it’s not so good if your body feels that way.

Cooking the spaghetti causes a complete change.  The noodles are now floppy and loose.  The stiffness and rigidity is gone.  They are now flexible and free to move any way you want them to.

Something had to happen to cause this drastic change.  If you buy a box of noodles and leave it in the cabinet for a long time they will stay in the same condition.  They don’t change on their own.  In this case dropping them into hot water and the cooking process changes them.

Now think about your muscles.  Are they like uncooked noodles?  Are they stiff with little flexibility?  They weren’t always like that and they don’t have to stay that way.  They don’t become loose and limber on their own though.  Just like the spaghetti, something has to happen to them to cause them to change.

Massage can be the change you need.  It can allow your muscles to go from a rigid, inflexible state to a relaxed one.  Massage helps ease your pains and lets your muscles relax back into their natural positions where they work best.  Your muscles won’t become completely limp, which is a good thing since you will want to use them again after the massage, but they will be much more ready for use.

Let massage help you.  While a little warmth helps, it doesn’t involve tossing you into boiling water and then covering you with tomato sauce.  Just a nice warm, quiet room to give your muscles and mind some relief.

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