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One of the first questions some people ask when they call me is about the price for a massage.  While I understand that for some massage can be a big (but worthwhile) expense, price shouldn’t be the deciding factor on where to go.

Many times the cheapest or lowest priced product or service is not the best choice.  We don’t buy the cheapest vehicle, food, medicine, clothing, or place to live.  Why?  Because we want a certain value for our money.  Let’s consider a car.  We want reliability and safety.  We want it to start when we get in on a dark and cold night.  We want it to keep running until we make it home safely.  We don’t want to have to keep taking it back for repairs.  Saving some money initially can end up costing much more over time.

We want somebody providing a service to have the proper skills and experience so it is done correctly the first time.  We want the service done by a trustworthy, reliable person.   It gives us confidence and peace of mind knowing the problem will be taken care of, and if there are further issues, those will be dealt with quickly.

You may find somebody who offers a massage for a lower price.  You may want to consider why their price is lower.  Are they licensed?  Not everybody in Ohio is.  How much experience do they have?  Do they have the skills to take care of the problem you need worked on?  Do they work out of their home, or in yours?  This can involve how safe you feel during your massage.  Do they have the right degree of professionalism?

Price is not the only consideration when making a decision on who to see for your massage.  You can pay a lot or a little and get poor service or something that doesn’t fit your needs.  Massage is very personal.  Do you want somebody that you know you can trust or the person who will do it for the lowest price?

It’s always important to remember – You get what you pay for.  This is true in massage as with the rest of life.   Visit my web site through the link at the end to learn more about me.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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7 thoughts on “Massage and price

  • Renee Sullivan

    I’ve had this discussion several times with massage therapists who participate in offers like Groupon. They do it to attract more clients, but have found that in only a few cases, those customers have continued to come back to them. Why?…because the “Groupon type people” only consider price. They don’t really understand the value of having a massage therapist that you’ve established a good relationship with.

    Coming from the client end of things, of course I want a good price…however, more important to me is comfort, safety and trust. I have built a relationship with my massage therapist, and I have regular visits. I’m the ideal client for her because she knows that I value what she has to offer, and we have a mutual respect for each other.

    I’m sure that’s the type of client you’re looking for as well!

  • Dale Nimmo

    I refuse to charge the same price as everyone else simply because that’s the way it’s been….you’re right, you do get what you pay for and sometimes, in my case, you get MORE. i’ll consider increasing just as soon as someone can justify by showing me their expenses and p&l, just exactly what it costs them to be in biz.

  • Jess Weagle

    Clients need to read all types of reviews first on sites such as yelp. That way people know what they are paying for.

    I have also noticed a few places near me that are always running deal, buyer beware its hard to keep a business open when you are always offering deep discounts. You want to make sure the business you bought the vouchers from is going to still be in business when you are ready to redeem.