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When my oldest son started school, he brought home diseases of all sorts.  I began getting sick with all of the things I had never had before, like pink eye and bronchitis.  Many times he didn’t get sick but acted as a carrier and I got clobbered.

I got strep throat at least four years in a row, and I got it bad.  I would get a raging fever, sore throat, terrible headache, and generally felt awful.  My mind would be in a fog and I couldn’t think clearly.  I don’t run to the doctor for every little thing, so when I do go I know something is wrong.  My wife (at least I think that’s who it was) would recognize that I was sick and try to get me to go to the doctor.  Because of my head fog, I didn’t always go right away.  I didn’t recognize the symptoms in myself.

So I would make my way to see the doctor.  After sticking a yardstick down my throat for fun (they claimed it was a test) they would tell me I had strep and give me a prescription.  I would get it filled and begin taking it and would experience improvements remarkably quickly.  Within a day I started feeling much more like myself again and the fog began to lift.

Which leads to why you need a massage.

People around you notice things.  If they begin telling you that you need a massage or seem stressed, listen to them.  Eventually they will stop talking to you at all and will run when you come near.

Maybe as I did you suspect something is wrong but you haven’t made it in.  Make it a priority to take care of yourself.  Can you squeeze in an hour out of your week to get on the path to feeling good again?

Massage always helps me to think clearly again.  You can zone out or catch a nap.  After your massage, you can see the issues you are dealing with in a new light and feel ready to take them on.  Often by taking your mind off of them and taking care of yourself solutions begin to present themselves.

Sometimes multiple appointments are needed to take care of a painful issue you are having.  This is usually because the problem did not begin suddenly but over a period of time.  An immediate cure is not always possible, but you will begin to feel better.  I needed to continue to take all of my medicine to get well, and I felt better every day.  You should feel better after the first appointment and should make progress after each visit.

In just an hour, you can get started to getting that good feeling back.  If you are waiting on somebody to tell you – my wife says it’s time for your massage.  She knows these things.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at www.HudsonMassageTherapy.com

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2 thoughts on “Let massage help you feel good again

  • Tiffany Gipson

    I have faithfully received massages as a part of my health regimen for about 20 years now. Once, when money was tights, I thought, I’ll just cut back. Bad mistake. My body is so used to this support, I immediately felt the impact of not going. I never made that mistake again. My point to relate to yours is sometimes that person telling us we need a massage is our own body!