Just a relaxation massage?

hammock relaxSome people hesitate to get a massage if they are not in a lot of pain.  Some do schedule a massage and when I ask how I can help today they tell me, rather reluctantly, that it’s “just” for relaxation.

I’m not sure where the idea came from that relaxation is a bad thing.  Maybe it’s because in our world we are expected to always be busy and driving forward from the moment we get up to when we collapse back into bed again.  We are supposed to be productive and active and solve any problems by working even harder.  When you ask people around you how they are one of the first answers you hear is “Busy!”.

I believe that some people think that if they need a massage to relax they are not tough enough or good enough or something.  I believe that idea is nonsense.

Some consider massage a luxury if it’s just to relax.  Here’s a question though – if relaxing is that easy to do, why don’t more people do it?  Why are there so many stressed people in the world?

Relaxation is a great thing.  Of course we do have responsibilities so we can’t just relax all the time, but the relaxing times help us get through the harder times.

When do you get creative or really good ideas?  Do they come when you are rushed and stressed?  It’s usually when your mind is at ease.  Sometimes when you are not even thinking about a problem the solution comes clearly to you.  All of the construction barrels in the highway of your mind are gone and your thoughts can travel freely instead of dealing with a traffic jam.

How do you like dealing with somebody who is stressed?  They are impatient, demanding, and not much fun to be around.  If you happen to mention that they need to relax you will probably get an earful on how stressed they are and the problems they have.

I believe that relaxed people do better work.  They are more productive and make fewer mistakes since they are not rushing and overlooking  things – which causes more work to correct what was not done right the first time.  I take my job seriously and want to help everyone who comes in, but I go into each massage relaxed.  I have the proper education and experience.  Even when a new issue comes up I trust that with good communication I can help with it.

People go on vacation and look forward to those trips, often for months.  They want to get away from their problems and responsibilities for a time.  A good vacation full of laughs and adventures leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to handle what comes up when you get back.  Read more on how massage can be like a quick vacation here.

Massage helps your body to relax.  You move more easily, fluidly, and gracefully when it is.  Your body language is better and gives you a more confident appearance.  Even if you schedule a massage just for relaxation there’s probably an area of your body that needs some work.  In every relaxation massage I’ve found areas that are tight and causing pain.

Massage also helps your mind to relax.  You can forget about your responsibilities for a while and let yourself be taken care of.  The problems you came in with may not seem so intimidating when you walk out the door.  You may sleep much better, which gets your day off to a great start.

Relaxation is a part of every massage.  We live in a noisy world that’s always trying to get our attention.  Take some time for yourself and “just” relax and notice how much better you feel.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at www.HudsonMassageTherapy.com

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