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People ask me how often they should get a massage.  The answer depends on what you wish to accomplish.

If you have a specific physical problem, we will discuss it before starting to work on it so you know what to expect.  Following the initial massage, we will discuss how things feel and how best to follow up.  It may be wise to observe how you feel the next day or two before any further work.  In most situations, it will be fine to return for additional massage within a day or two.  I’ve been able to improve the situation for my clients in one visit, but some issues require multiple appointments to solve the real problem.  The problems I’ve seen have developed over time, and it will take some time to return to normal.

If stress is the major concern in your life, there are no issues with getting as many massages as you need.  You can come in as often as you like.  Stress is very damaging to both your mind and body.  Massage is a great tool to help you manage stress.  How much better would you feel, and how much more could you accomplish, without a constant headache?

If you don’t have a specific problem and generally feel good, monthly (or more often) massages will keep you feeling great.  It prevents small problems from developing into serious issues.  You don’t need a glaring problem to get a massage.

I get a massage at least monthly and more often when I can.  If it is longer than a month between massages, I can definitely notice that I don’t feel as well as I would like.

Due to stress, repetitive actions, travel, and other daily activities, I don’t recommend that you go more than two months, and three at the most, between massages.

If finances are a concern, I have packages available to help you fit it in your budget.  Most of my clients prefer at least a 60 minute massage, but regular 30 minute appointments can address a problem area and provide stress relief also.

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