Success Stories

I’m very excited about the results people get from using Neural Reset Therapy®.  What I hear most is that people feel better longer than with just a massage.

Here’s what a few people said about their experience.  The stories and names are used with their permission.


Ms A. had pain in her right shoulder for many years.  It had probably developed when she worked with kids at a gymnastics class.  She couldn’t get a gallon of milk from the refrigerator with one arm.  To drive a couple hours required a pillow in her lap to support the shoulder.  The pain would be a distraction at work and in life.

She had been getting a regular massage for years.  It helped her feel better but by the time two weeks went by she was in a lot of pain again.

NRT on her upper back, neck, and shoulders  provided immediate relief – and it lasted.  She noticed that after two weeks she still felt better.  She can lift and carry things without thinking about it first.  She can drive without a pillow for her shoulder.  The pain no longer distracts her and she is doing more than she used to.  It’s been over a year and the pain hasn’t returned.

Now she just needs a couple of quick resets done, but not the entire upper body.  Then she relaxes and enjoys the rest of her massage.


Ms. Allissa said:

After 10 hours of driving, my shoulder was throbbing.  You know that spot under the shoulder blade that nags and nags?  Yeah.  That one.

One 30 minute NRT session with Barry eliminated the pain almost completely, and it never got bad again through the whole road trip (2,100 more miles).  I’ll make an effort to see Barry for NRT any and every time I’m traveling nearby.
Mr G. had tight hamstrings.  He only had about half of the range of motion he should have.  In under five minutes his hamstring range of motion almost doubled.
Ms. L. said:

I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 10 years.  I started regular massage to help alleviate tension that I developed from trying to move with inflammation. Massage helped but didn’t last as long as I’d like.  I often wished I could get a weekly massage.

Since starting NRT I have noticed a big difference.  The effects of the massage last much longer.  Because I feel better longer I’ve started moving more which has made me feel even better.

NRT is simple to do and you notice a difference right away. I would encourage anyone to try it.

Mr. L said:

I have dealt with lower back pain for decades.  Some of the time it has been an annoyance, but increasingly it has become incapacitating, eventually hastening my retirement.  As a lecturer, I like to move around in front of an audience.  In the last year before discovering Neural Reset at Main Street Massage, I found that during classes I was spending mental energy on figuring out which table top or wall I could lean against, covertly, so I could continue to speak.  Sitting offered little comfort, but standing still had become intolerable.

Over the years I have received treatment from six massage therapists, three physical therapists, and four chiropractors.  Each provided relief.  But the cramping pain always returned, sometimes later the same week, sometimes on the drive home from the therapy session.  At least, however, I knew that the pain could be at least temporarily stopped.  With neural reset therapy, the window of pain-free time has extended with each session, offering the hope of an essentially permanent fix!.  Today, it has been two and one-half months since I last visited Main Street Massage.  No offense to Barry, but I hope to extend the record even farther!

Ms. K is a runner who had hip pain.  She was training for a race and wanted to be able to keep training and run in the race.  In one appointment her hip pain was gone.  It’s been over a year now and she is still running and the hip pain hasn’t come back.
Read this to see how a teen girl avoided major leg surgery with one treatment.  She had seen multiple medical professionals and tried all their suggestions for a year.  Now she’s back to normal.
These are real results from people with pain problems.  Their pain was limiting them in what they could do.
I want to hear your story too.  Come in and leave feeling so much better.