Neural Reset Therapy®

This is by far the best and most effective strategy I’ve ever learned and I’m really excited about it.

The results are fantastic!  They reset muscles back to their normal state quickly – usually in just seconds.  To reset other muscles in the same area can be done in just a few minutes.

Massage helps muscles feel better.  The advantage of resetting muscles is that it makes them go back to normal – the way they should be.  People who have had muscle pain for years find relief.  The pain cleared up immediately and hasn’t returned.

With every problem we are looking for at least an 80% improvement.  In many situations the pain is completely gone.  Sound good?

Imagine having your muscles feel like normal again.  What would you do if your muscles would let you?  What have you given up but want to do again?  What do you want to try?

What is this stuff?

It’s called Neural Reset Therapy.  It’s based on scientific principles.  In a nutshell it involves sending multiple messages to the brain through your nervous system.  Your brain evaluates the input and status of the muscle and tells the muscles to go back to normal.

It’s hands on work but different than massage.  It may involve tapping with a reflex hammer on a muscle or for you to follow a simple instruction such as lightly pushing against my arm.

It shouldn’t be painful at all.  It’s done with clothes on. It’s more effective with thin and soft clothes instead of jeans or a thick sweater or multiple layers.  This is a great solution for anybody in pain but who doesn’t want to take any clothes off for a massage.

You won’t lose any relaxation.  Since your body feels better you will be relaxed.

Read this explanation of how your brain and nervous system resets muscles.

How is NRT different?

    • No massaging of muscles, so no deep pressure required
    • No lotions or oil
    • Done fully clothed
    • No stretching
    • No need to touch the muscle being reset – it can be done from the opposite side of the body
    • No joint adjustments, mechanical, electrical, or electronic devices used
  • No needles, no drugs or natural substances applied

How long does it last?

People have told me they feel better much longer than with just a massage.  Muscles tighten up for a reason – because you have done something to them.  If you have a long term muscle problem and the muscle is reset, it will stay feeling normal until you do something to it again.

But I love massage!

No worries.  You will still get some massage after the resets are done.  The massage is more effective since your muscles are already relaxed.  If you just want massage that’s OK too.  It’s your time to get done what you want.

How will this help me?

It helps solve your real problem. Some pain is felt in one area when the source of the pain is somewhere else.  I learned some great new ways to address muscles that I didn’t know how to effectively get to before.

It helps areas that are not in pain.  In class I found I had quite a few spots that were not painful but were tighter than they should be.  You can walk out feeling much looser and balanced.

Here are some benefits to expect:

  • fast pain relief
  • increased flexibility and looser muscles
  • fewer headaches by relieving the neck and upper back muscles that pull on your head
  • relaxation and stress relief
  • better sleep since you are not in pain.

People have reported improvements with conditions such as:

  • migraines  and headaches
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • sciatic pain
  • plantar fasciatis and other foot pain
  • golf and tennis elbow
  • tight leg muscles and IT band
  • low back pain
  • hip pain
  • jaw and TMJ pain
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome  (hypermobility type)
  • and many others.

If you are an athlete or enjoy being active you may gain performance improvements – although give yourself a day or two to get used to the change in your body.  Your golf or tennis swing or basketball shot will be affected with a change in your range of motion.  You can do more yoga moves and it helps runners with nagging issues.

It’s great if you:

  • have a job, activity, or hobby that is very physical or has a lot of the same repetitive motions
  • are stuck at a desk or in a vehicle for long stretches
  • have foot and leg pain from being on your feet
  • have pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments
  • just want to feel good again.

This is amazing and produces real results.  I don’t go around making outrageous claims or promises I can’t deliver on.

Click here to read some success stories from people I have helped.

I’ve been doing it and it works.  Don’t keep living with pain when a solution is here.

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Check out this link from Neural Reset if you want to learn more about it.  You can also find some examples of how this works on real everyday people on YouTube by searching for Neural Reset.