Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available from me or can be purchased electronically.

Use this link to purchase a e-gift card through Square.  

Simply choose a design you like, the amount you want, and fill in the name and email of the recipient and your name and email.  You can add a message if you want.  

Then put in the payment information and it’s done.  Your recipient will receive an email notifying them of your gift. 

If you want you can put in a date in the future for them to be notified.  That allows you to buy the gift certificate when it’s convenient for you and they can receive it on their birthday or a special occasion.

I will be notified and will be able to access it in my square app so it will be ready to go whenever they want to use it.

If you want a paper gift certificate to be picked up or delivered in the mail, contact me and we will get it set up.