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We all have comfort zones.  They can be really useful by allowing us to do some things out of habit and repetition.  It’s something that we don’t have to consciously think about and one less decision to make.  If we had to think of everything we do each day all day long and decide what to do, we probably wouldn’t make it until lunch time.

For example, think of your typical morning.  You probably get up around the same time, hit the bathroom, get dressed, and eat something before you head off to work.  You can do a lot of these half asleep – because you are.  You may drink the same coffee or juice and eat the same brand and type of breakfast food most days.

Comfort zones can limit us however.  They keep us from trying something new, even if it a good thing.  Stepping outside of our comfort zone makes us, well, uncomfortable.  How long does it take you to try something that your friends are raving about?  Once you do try it and like it, do you find it aggravating that you didn’t do it sooner?  How much have you missed out on because something wasn’t in your comfort zone?

When you think of it, almost everything was new at some point.  All of the products and services you use, benefit from, and enjoy now were once new to you.

Since they are a part of daily life, we usually don’t think about our comfort zones until something changes (eek – they stopped making your favorite flavor!) or they get challenged.

Some people allow pain or stress into their comfort zone.  It happens gradually so it’s not noticed.  After a while, part of your routine is taking pills for headaches and pain and you are not sleeping well.

Some people have not included massage into their comfort zone.  Let’s consider a couple of possibilities on why.

For some it is new.  Maybe they have heard about it from family or friends but since it’s new they are reluctant to try it.  If this is you, do a little research.  Check out some local massage web sites where you’ll find some frequently asked questions.  Talk to your friend and ask them about it.  Since they are a fan of massage and have experienced it they can help you feel more comfortable.  Call a massage therapist and ask some questions.  They understand the issues people have (and it’s usually the same set of questions most people wonder about).  The therapist will be happy to answer your questions and won’t be pushy – that’s just the way most of us are.

Read more about what to expect from your massage here.

Some are hesitant because of their body image. Massage therapists understand this.  Most of us have had to deal with our own body issues when we began in massage.  We have learned that bodies are wondrous and amazing creations.  We truly, honestly, genuinely, sincerely, indisputably, unquestionably, 100% do not care what you look like.  You are not here to impress us.  You will be draped the whole time, except for what is being worked on at the moment.  We want you to feel better so you can enjoy your life.  Imagine how much better you would feel with a good night’s sleep, less stress, and relief from headaches and other pains.

Reach your new comfort zone by breaking out of your old one with massage.  It will be a very comfortable one.  You’ll be glad you did.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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7 thoughts on “Find your comfort zone with massage

  • Rhonda

    I got out of my comfort zone by going to massage school.
    Something I wanted to do and will never regret despite going out of my comfort zone for sure.
    School 2 full days a week to start, then up to 2 1/2 , working full time, paying bills, studying and practicing hands on.

    Since becoming a massage therapist I’ve had several clients who were ‘massage virgins’.
    They got out of their comfort zone and into the massage comfort zone!

    • Hudson Massage

      Thanks Rhonda. Your story sounds a lot like mine. Massage was pretty new to me when I started school so I had a lot to learn and adjust to. It was a big change in my comfort zone but I’m glad I did it.

    • Hudson Massage

      Thanks Renee. Some of my clients have mentioned recently they know somebody who could really use a massage but are hesitant. I hope this helps answer their questions and they can get the relief they need.

    • Hudson Massage

      Oh I think we are all guilty Jess. It seems like I’ve heard more people recently talking about friends or family who would benefit from massage but have never tried it. New things can be uncomfortable at first, but when they are new you really enjoy them and don’t want to give them up.