Talking during your Massage

Some people wonder about talking during their massage, especially those who are new to massage. They wonder if they should talk any, or talk the whole time, or what to talk about. As with any new situation, most people want to do what they think they are supposed to do.

So what are you supposed to do? You should do what you want.

Your massage is your time. It’s really up to you about how much talking goes on. I’ll follow your lead. If you are not talking I’ll assume that you prefer not to at the time. I will answer any questions you have about what your muscles feel like and explain what I am doing if you want.

I will try to find out everything I need to know before we start, like what pain you are having and what needs special attention today. However, there are a few things that prompt me to ask more questions.

People forget to tell me about some things and they remember as I am working on it. If you are concentrating on one area that is hurting, you may not realize a different spot is painful also.

Occasionally I notice something that we didn’t discuss. It can be from something that happened a while ago, like a fall or an accident, that they have gotten used to and the massage makes them remember. I’ll also check in with you about any bruises you didn’t mention and any moles or skin conditions that may need checked out by a doctor.

Other than answering a few questions I have, such as the pressure I’m using and the temperature, you don’t have to talk. While I enjoy a good conversation, you are not here to entertain me. I enjoy my work and concentrate on what I am doing. I’m thinking about how your muscles feel, the progress being made, observing if you are becoming relaxed, among other things.

Some people don’t like that much quiet and find it is more relaxing to talk during the massage. That’s fine too. Some talk at the start, then become quieter as they relax.

Some find it helpful to tell me about a situation in their life. Getting it out of their mind and saying it out loud helps them to sort through it or put it behind them. Since I’m not involved and don’t know the details I can just listen, and I won’t repeat it.

Come in and tell me what you think. Or don’t tell me. It’s all up to you.