Massage is all about You

Recently a client was giving me an update on how they were feeling before we began their massage.  This was a returning client, and I had reviewed my notes from their previous sessions.  I had a pretty good idea of what they needed, but I always check if there are changes or something different is needed this time.

So this client gave me an update on how they were feeling and how effective their massage has been for them (which I’m happy to say is very effective).  Then they stopped and said something like – “Well, enough about me; how are you?”

My response was – “It’s all about you”.

Your massage session is your time, to take care of your problems, to put yourself in my hands.  Life can be demanding.  Some people or jobs will take all they can from you and not give much back.

This client was simply being courteous and polite.  I’ve seen them a few times and gotten to know them a little.  I don’t mind sharing some of what’s going on in my life – there’s usually something funny or slightly odd going on.  I like to read a lot and learn new techniques for my practice.  Although I’m more quiet than outgoing, I like to talk to people.

But my point is that as a client, your appointment is all about you.  It’s why both of us are here.  You came in with a problem, whether it’s stress or a pain, and we both want it to be better.

This is your time to let somebody else take care of you.  Your assignment during this time will be:

* Lay on the table

* Let me know how things are feeling

* Turn over at some point

That’s about it.  I think you can handle that.  Even more importantly, I believe you will benefit from that.  I appreciate your interest in me, even if it’s just to laugh at my misadventures, but it really is all about you.