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Some people enjoy massage but put it off.  They are in pain and wait until it reaches a level they can no longer tolerate and then get a massage for some relief.

This approach results in a number of problems.  The longer you wait to correct a problem, the longer it takes to feel better again.  This is obvious and we can see it in so many ways in our lives.  Additionally, when one area is hurting, we compensate for that and end up with pain in another area.  We begin to forget how it feels to live without the pain.

This idea of waiting made me start wondering what life would be like if we took the same approach to other things that we regularly maintain.

* Do you wait to take a bath until you can’t stand how you smell any longer?

* Do you only wash your clothes when they become completely filthy?  Do you only buy new clothes when your current ones are in tatters and falling apart?

* Do you put off eating for days and only eat when you are completely famished?  Do you only drink anything when you are near dehydration?

* Do you stay awake as long as possible and only sleep when you are near exhaustion and about to collapse?

* Do you only clean your home when it becomes an utter mess?

* Do you only take care of your vehicle or equipment when it starts to make horrible noises and begins to malfunction?

* Do you only pull weeds from your garden when it becomes totally overgrown?

It’s clear that this approach to life leads to many negative consequences.  It’s also clear that many problems could be avoided or at least minimized by addressing them early rather than waiting for them to grow and become big problems.

It’s simple to imagine how miserable we would feel by waiting to eat, drink, and sleep until we absolutely had to.  We wouldn’t be able to get much done, couldn’t enjoy ourselves, and wouldn’t be much good for anybody.  We recognize how much better we feel after getting what we need, such as a good night’s sleep.

Some things require regular maintenance, and we do those things without a lot of thought.  We wouldn’t go to work if we hadn’t showered in a week or wore clothes that were falling apart and stained.

Your body – a rather important thing to you – needs some maintenance.   You will feel so much better both during and after your massage.  The best part is you don’t even have to do anything.  Just show up and I’ll take care of you.  Come on in and get feeling good again.  Make it part of your regular self-care and keep feeling great.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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