Don’t be that guy


Have you ever told somebody that they could use a massage? If you haven’t, how many times have you been tempted to?

You know the person that we’re talking about. Maybe they usually are good to work with or be around. They have a good attitude and don’t cause you problems. They do their work without a lot of complaining.

Sometimes though they are different. They are less patient and start grumbling about a lot of things. They aren’t nearly as nice to be around. You start taking the long way around so you don’t have to walk by them. You find as many ways as you can to avoid having to deal with them.

Other people never seem to be happy. They are always tense, wound up, and ready to explode. They are not much fun to be around at work – or anywhere.  You would rather work on your project alone than to have to deal with them. They brighten a room by walking out of it, not by walking in.

We can see changes in other people over time. We remember that they used to be happier and nicer to be around, and we want that back for them.

We want the people around us to feel better – even if it for selfish reasons to make our lives easier when dealing with them.

We can’t know all of what is going on in the lives of the people around us. They may be in physical pain from an injury or health condition. They may be under a lot of stress from another area in their life outside of work.

You can suggest a massage and recommend your favorite massage therapist to them. Some companies bring in a massage therapist for chair massage. If your company doesn’t do that you can suggest it and also recommend a massage therapist to do it. It’s great for company morale and can boost productivity.

Of course you want to pay attention if people start avoiding you. Do you have pain you are dealing with? Are you under extra stress that is causing you not to be yourself? Get in for a massage and get yourself back to normal.

If somebody suggests you need a massage – listen to them. Don’t be that guy.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at

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