Deal with it and be done with it – Part 1 2

We all have some tasks or activities that we would rather not have to deal with but it is necessary that we do them.  Before they are completed, they are a nagging thought hanging around that disturbs our peace of mind.  We feel much better when they are done and can move on to other more interesting things.

Some people keep carrying around things from their past that can keep them from moving on to those more productive and intriguing things.

Remember that clerk in the store who was rude last year?  How about the jerk who cut you off in traffic six months ago?  No?  If it’s not important to remember, then it’s not important enough to be upset about now.

Let’s use some bad customer service in a store for an example.  You have some options.  Is it important enough to write to company management, or call the store manager, or not shop there again?  Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal by itself but it happened on the wrong day for you.  Whatever the case, make a decision, act on it, and be done with it.

Think about the items that disrupt your peace of mind.  Write them down.  For the ones you can control, write down your options of what to do about them.  Then decide and act on it.  An acceptable action may be to decide that this does not deserve any more of your attention and put it in your past.

You may find that many are really not that big a deal when you stop and look at them.  When a number of little things get together, they seem like bigger problems.

Make this a regular practice and check out the results.  Watch your stress level drop and your happiness rise.  You clean out what is no longer good from your refrigerator; do the same thing for yourself.  How much longer do you want to keep that old meatloaf around?

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