An excellent way to lower your stress is by having gratitude. How can having gratitude help?  Mainly because it makes us think positively, about what is good in our lives, and sparks a bit of hope for the future.  If we only think negatively, problems begin to look insurmountable and […]

More gratitude, less stress

Have you noticed the difference in how you feel can depend on the amount of clutter around? Clutter is a reminder of what all we need to do.  Pay the bills, read the mail, do the dishes, put away the clothes. It reminds us that we have a decision to […]

Less clutter, less stress

Two couples very important to me got married this summer.  There were also a couple of notable anniversaries to me this year.  It made me think of quite a bit about commitments. Some people seem to believe they have made a commitment to, and are even married to, stress. You […]

Break up with stress