Most people get headaches occasionally and some people get them frequently.  They are annoying, distracting, and can even prevent us from doing what we want to do. Stress and muscle tension are two common causes of headaches.  Fortunately those are two things massage is great at helping with. Stress Everybody […]

Can massage help headaches?

If you’ve never had a massage before you may have quite a few questions.  That’s normal and to be expected.  If your questions aren’t answered here please contact me and I’ll be glad to discuss anything else with you so you can feel comfortable and ready to relax when you […]

What to expect at your massage appointment

I am asked “What should I wear?” from people coming in for a massage.  You should wear what you will feel comfortable in.  For massage to be the most effective, you have to be relaxed, not thinking about clothes.  It really doesn’t matter to me. You will be draped the […]

What not to wear