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Massages are usually scheduled in blocks of time.  Let’s consider the benefits of a 60 minute massage, which is the most common length scheduled.

An hour out of your day can make a big difference in your life.  It can give you pain relief and lower your stress so you can be more productive and better able to deal with what life brings to you next.

Massages are usually scheduled in time increments of 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions.  Each length has its own benefits and tradeoffs. You can find the benefits of a 30 minute massage here and the benefits of a 90 minute massage here.

Ability to get a thorough massage

A thirty minute massage limits what you can have done.  An hour massage provides you with more options. You can get an overall massage that will leave your whole body feeling good.  You can also have more time spent on one or more areas and still have time for a full massage.  We’ll discuss your needs before the session and can adjust the massage appropriately.  A few extra minutes on your neck or back or whatever is bothering you can make a big difference. You can also choose to spend more time on certain areas and skip others if that is what you need today. For example, some people will get only an upper body massage and not get their legs worked on.

More relaxing

The additional time gives you more time to relax.  If you come in on a busy day full of rushing around, or have more weighing on your mind than usual, if may take you longer to switch everything off.  More time allows you to calm all those thoughts racing through your mind and lets you slow everything down back to a more manageable speed again. Finding some peace lets you go back to your life in a much better frame of mind without the stress you came in with.


One hour of your time is not that much when you look at it on weekly, monthly, or other regular basis.  It is more time than a 30 minute massage but still is not a big commitment. That one hour investment will leave you feeling good for much longer so it is a good return for you.  By taking time to clear your mind and relieve your pain you can get much more accomplished and do more of what you want to do in your life.


The convenience factor of working with the same massage therapist applies to all massages regardless of the time scheduled.

By working with the same massage therapist regularly, you get the added value that I already know about your typical needs and what works best for you.  You can go in and get started faster instead of having to do new intake paperwork and explain your health history.  I also know about your preferences concerning pressure, room temperature, and other issues which can make your massage even more relaxing and beneficial.

There are some tradeoffs compared to a shorter or longer massage.

More thorough than a 30 minute massage

You can get more work done on you than in a thirty minute massage, but less than what you would get in a ninety minute appointment.

More expensive than a 30 minute massage

Since you get more work done on you in a 60 minute massage than a 30 minute one, the cost is higher.  However, it frequently costs less for one 60 minute massage than two 30 minute ones. While a 90 minute (or even longer) massage is wonderful, it is also more expensive.

There still may not be enough time

Most people can experience full and deep relaxation in an hour.  Some people have so much on their mind that more time would be very helpful to them.

If you have an issue causing you pain, more time can be spent on that area while still providing enough time for an effective overall massage.  If one or two areas need extra attention, there may not be time for the rest of your massage to be as thorough as you want.


An hour massage is a great way to get a thorough massage while giving you time to completely get away from the world.  Regular hour massages can help you get back to feeling good and help you to keep feeling that way. It can make a big difference for a painful area and lets you do the things you want to do in life.  It does cost more and takes more time compared to a thirty minute massage but it provides different benefits.

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