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Massages are usually scheduled in blocks of time.  Let’s consider the benefits of a 30 minute massage.

Here are the benefits of a 60 minute massage, and here are the benefits of a 90 minute one.


In our rushed world where multitasking is pushed, time is a valuable commodity.  If you find it hard to carve out an hour or more for a massage, a shorter one is a great option.  You will get relief from your stress and pain and get back to the commitments of your life again.


It is easier to schedule a shorter block of time than a longer one in your life.  Some people schedule a massage after work so they don’t have to make a separate trip, allowing them to go home and enjoy the rest of their day and get a good night’s sleep.

Additionally, if you go to the same massage therapist regularly, you get the added value that they already know about your typical needs and what works best for you.  You can go in and get started faster instead of having to do new intake paperwork and explain your health history.  I’ll also know your preferences concerning pressure, room temperature, and other issues which can make your massage even more relaxing and beneficial.


A shorter massage is less expensive so it saves you money.  This is useful for those times when there are extra expenses but are still in need of a massage.  It can be a good way to try getting regular massage. You can experience the benefits of consistent massage with a smaller financial commitment.

Concentrated work on one area

Many people have one or two areas that bother them the most.  Think about how much better you would feel with thirty minutes of work on just what causes the most pain.  It’s a great way to get relief quickly from what bothers you the most. It’s a big help to get you going again if you are in pain from occasionally overdoing it with athletic activities, working on your home or yard, or those times when you just slept funny.


Thirty minutes is enough time to relax.  You will relax by getting relief from your pain of course, but the time just for yourself to check out from your responsibilities is also a good stress reliever.  It helps slow down all of what is going on in your mind and aids you in thinking more clearly again.

There are some tradeoffs compared to a longer massage.

Not enough time for a full massage

With less time, less work can be done.  There is just not enough time to do a full massage well.  A full body massage could be done in thirty minutes, but it would feel rushed and not much work would be done on any one area. You will feel disappointed if there is something that really needs attention.

There may not be enough time

Thirty minutes may not be enough time for you to completely relax.  If there is a lot going on in your life, you may need more down time to recharge and feel refreshed.

Also, even if the work is concentrated on one area, thirty minutes may not be long enough to get you the results you want.  You might feel better, but not really back to where you want to be.


A thirty minute massage can be what you need either regularly or on an as-needed basis.  It offers convenience, time and cost saving, and helping the pain you have in one or two areas while allowing you to relax.  Just be aware that you will not get as much work done as you get in a longer massage.

If you want to discover what massage can do for you, start with a 30 minute massage.  If you get massages but would like to try them regularly, start with 30 minutes and find out how helpful they are.

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