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If you are on your feet a lot and suffer from foot pain, here is an easy self-care tip you can use.

Just put a couple of golf balls on the floor and roll your foot around on top of them.  You can do this while you are reading, watching something, using your computer, or just resting.  It works like a massage for the bottom of your feet.

I have used golf balls, but you can use whatever works for you.  Some people have used tennis balls, frozen water bottles, and baseball bats.  Use what you have that will roll under your feet and will have enough pressure to work its way in.  Take care to use something that is strong enough and won’t break or spill and make a mess.  An open toothpaste tube does not work well.

Dealing with foot pain is important because your feet are attached to the rest of your body.  If one or both feet hurt, you will compensate for that and adjust how you walk, stand, and do daily activities.  Many times what starts as foot pain wants to explore more of your body and moves up and also causes knee, hip, and low back pain.

I’ve used this and it works great for me.  One job that I had required me to be on my feet a lot on tile floors.  My feet were hurting and I sometimes had knee and hip pain.  When I learned this I did it every day for about a week and it helped tremendously.  I then only did it on occasion when I felt it starting to come back.

Foot pain can make you want to be less active.  By relieving the pain, you may find yourself doing more and feeling much better overall.  Give it a try and let me how it helps you.

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