An amazing NRT success story

As you know by now I’m a firm believer in Neural Reset Therapy. In brief, NRT uses your brain and nervous system to tell your muscles to go back to normal. It lasts longer than regular massage, is pain free to do, is all natural, and is done with clothes on.

People consistently get great results in one visit – even if they have been in pain a long time.

I also hear regularly from other massage therapists of remarkable results.
This three minute video tells the story of a 15 year old girl. She was a dancer but pain in her left leg forced her to stop. She was treated for a year for what was thought to be a nerve issue. She had seen doctors, an osteopath, chiropractors, and other massage therapists. She had adjustments, massages, steroid injections, micro-current treatments, and acupuncture with no success.

The next step was going to be major surgery. They would cut through leg muscles to allow room for the nerve. The mom in the video says that sounded “terrifying” – and I agree.

They did more research and found someone doing NRT. In one visit, with about five minutes of treatment to the area, she is fully back to normal. In the video they simply cannot stop smiling. They had spent a year trying different treatments and spent a lot of time and money with no success. They were facing major surgery with a lot more expenses, pain, and recovery time in the hope that it would work.

I want to repeat this – in one visit she was completely back to normal.

NRT is great for daily use issues like neck and back pain. Additionally, it also can help people with long-term, chronic pain. That pain can be greatly reduced or it can go away completely.

If you are living in pain, stop. Come in and find out how much better you can feel.

Please share this with someone you know who is in pain and no treatment has worked.

Also on YouTube if you search for Neural Reset Therapy you’ll find other great results. This video doesn’t show the treatment she had, but there are other ones that show the process.

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