60 minutes means 60 minutes

The most common appointment time my clients choose is a 60 minute session.

When you schedule a 60 minute appointment, you will get a 60 minute massage.

It seems obvious – but some places give you 50 minutes or less.  Your 60 minutes includes your time talking to the therapist, getting on and off the table and out the massage room door.

I believe you should get your moneys worth.  Some places may offer lower prices, but you may not receive the same amount of work that you think you will be getting.  You made an appointment because there was a need.  Make sure you understand what you will get for your money.

To me you are an important person that I want to help.  You are not my 2:00 appointment.

The only exception concerning time is if you arrive late.  I understand that your time is valuable, so I’ll be ready for you when you arrive.  My time is also valuable, as is the client who is coming in after you.  I leave some time open between appointments, but if you arrive significantly late, your appointment may have to be cut short and end at the scheduled time.  I’m sure you would not want to wait for your appointment because another person was late.

I also offer 30 and 90 minute appointments.

A 30 minute appointment is great for focusing on one problem area.  It can help relieve pain and it’s enough time for you to relax also.

90 minute appointments are great for a more thorough massage.  Your problem area will be addressed without taking time away from a full massage.  Some people take a little longer to fully relax, so this is ideal to get you where you want to be.

Since it’s my business, I have the flexibility to work with you to find the right fit.  Need just 20 minutes on your neck?  Want a massage length of your favorite number?  Do you only do things in odd number increments? I can do that.

Barry is a licensed Massage Therapist at Main Street Massage in Hudson, Ohio.  Find out more about him, his business, and massage at www.HudsonMassageTherapy.com

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