Monthly Archives: August 2012

Yes, I know that math is not a popular topic with a lot of people.  Some consider it a four-letter word, a semi-mystical realm, or somewhat terrifying. When I was in school I got good grades in math but it wasn’t my favorite subject.  I explored becoming a teacher before […]

Do the (easy) math

Two couples very important to me got married this summer.  There were also a couple of notable anniversaries to me this year.  It made me think of quite a bit about commitments. Some people seem to believe they have made a commitment to, and are even married to, stress. You […]

Break up with stress

Stop Stressing, Living with pain, Rushing, and Making excuses; Stop and breathe, and relax, and smell the roses, and take care of yourself Stop delaying.  Make your appointment now. And be glad you don’t have to drive on this road to get to Main Street Massage! Barry is a licensed […]

Stop already